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Jeffery Paul Donnelly, let me fight for you!

Employment History

My whole life has been spent serving others, in one shape way or form.


JP Donnelly Fine Art, Photography & Consulting Services


Owner operator


Center for Human Development/ Massachusetts Department of Youth Services


Direct Care Worker/ councilor

 Having been employed in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services, as a Direct Care Worker, a title that is meant to sound softer and more warming then when we really were and they still are and that is Youth Prison Guards, I was working on a State Detainment Unit. These youth are not all little children. They aged from really young all the way to 21 years old, and some of these so called children were in DYS for crimes that would make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Working in DYS taught me a lot about the flaws in the Massachusetts Juvenile Justice System, and there are many.  I was forced out of this company soon after announcing that I was running for political office as a republican candidate. CHD’s largest source of revenue comes from State and Government Contracts. There Contracts expanded by millions the year after I was compelled to resign, equaling a constrictive discharge, as due to my medical condition (missing gallbladder) I was unable to work first or second shift on a Unit, thus why I was employed on the third shift. The same person (state employee) who had placed me on the third shift due to my medical condition (as he had explained to me) transferred me to the second shift knowing that I could not work that shift. This is even though by taking me off of the third shift left the third shift understaffed.


Securitas Security Services



As a Rover for one of the largest security companies in the world I had a lot of responsibilities. I was required to be at any company site that needed my assistance for a maximum of 16 hours a day 7 days a week, not including travail time. These sites included Hospitals, Malls, Private and Public Colleges/Universities, one Private Prep High School, local Aviation Company, nuclear sites, and many more. Besides being trained to handle any security situation and to handle every company site, I was also trained to supervise and train new employees at existing and newly opened sites. Working for this company allowed me to see into other industries, gaining knowledge that without working in this industry I would have never experienced. This include but by no way was limited to working from the one extreme of high crime and drug use, to working with the children of the upper class or as people seem to like to call them, the one percent. I ended up leaving this company due to losing my gallbladder in a motorcycle accident, and starting work with CHD in partnership with DYS.


Before Securitas, I worked in a number of food service jobs, from being a Manager at McDonalds when I was still in High School, to being a Server Trainer at Friendly’s and other restaurants, and at every one of these jobs (with the exception of McD's), I started as entry level employee, and within a few months. I was training new employees.  


I believe that being a waiter is some of the best experience for someone who wants to be a politician. When you’re a server, you live or die, by the service you provide. After all, a server makes only $2.63 an hour plus tips. Yes, an Elected Official makes over $2.62 an hour, but they also need to offer services, in order to keep their constituents happy, in order to get re-elected. If a server lies, or cheats, you the customer, or even someone that you know, you’ll never give that server your business, or you money ever again. The same is true for a politician, the difference is, with a server, they lose your business, where a politician loses your vote.

And this is one thing I can say for sure, as I server, I strived for excellence, and I was honest to a fault when it came to my customers, and it never hurt me, as a man running for political office. I hope for the chance to do the same, as I am sick and tired of corruption.