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Political repression is the persecution of an individual or group for political reasons, particularly for the purpose of restricting or preventing their ability to take part in the political life of society.

Starting in in 2009 when I first let it be known that I was getting ready to run for the United States Congress as a 26 year old Republican Candidate in Massachusetts. A number of State Agencies and Employees started participating in highly illegal and unethical activates/behaviors in order to ruin my Campaign and Personal life. These activities are detailed in the book that I wrote, Raw Emotion and Political Repression, the true tale of a Massachusetts Bohemian, by Jeffery Paul Donnelly. A follow up book titles Raw Emotion and Political Retaliation, the true story of a political prisoner is in the works as of right now. This book details the Commonwealths actions after they found out about the first book being ready for publication. This book shows what they were willing to do in order to keep me out of politics in Massachusetts and to how they barred the publication of Raw Emotion & Political Repression for over a year from when it was ready. 


"As I would rather not go to prison, with the use of arms, against enemies so brazenly bold, I shall use a pen and ink, to overcome their swords, their swords, that gleam crimson, ever brighter, from wounds they so did inflict upon myself, so boldly so. Only time will tell, if the saying is true. Is the pen really, mightier than the sword?

This book is my call to arms. As no one should have to live through what I was forced to endure, all in the pursuit of running for political office, with just one goal in mind, to be the people's politician."

J.P. Donnelly


This book is my journal exposing the illegal/immoral actions that were taken against me, starting when I first disclosed my intentions of running for the United States Congress as a 26 year old candidate. This book is more than just a political journal, it’s my life, and thoughts, the good, the bad, and the ugly, there is no holding back. This book is pure… RAW EMOTION.   

ISBN-13: 978-0615724652

ISBN-10: 0615724655


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