Vote J.P. Donnelly

Jeffery Paul Donnelly, let me fight for you!

Personal Statement


I’m just going to cut to the point. I’m not your typical politician. I’m a fighter, not only do I talk the talk, walk to the walk, but I also wrote and published the book “Raw Emotion and Political Repression” a book that exposes corruption in Massachusetts.


B.A., Westfield State University, majored in Psychology and Art Education/Fine Art

A.S., Holyoke Community College, Majored in Criminal Justice.

The following is just a couple of my views,

Remove the trash fee after all; this should be included in the property taxes. Think about it this way. The current Mayor made this empty promise years ago, but never removed it. So lets use some of the money that we are getting from MGM to give back to the citizens by removing the trash fee.

All police officers should wear body cameras, we need this in order to protect and safeguard not only our citizens, but our officers as well.

Quality of Life fines need to be changed. Yes fining repeat offenders and such is needed but our quality of life regulations need to be changed so that people have the opportunity to fix an issue before they suffer a fine. I really do not like it when I see the City fining people $50 because the numbers fell off their house, or when property owners are being fined because people are illegally dumping on private property. The City should provide notice, even if only a week, and then fine the homeowner if the issue is not fixed.

Winter Plowing, the city needs to do a better job of clearing the roads in the winter, there is no valid reason for people to get stuck on our main drags and have side streets that appear to not even have been touched days after a snow fall, especially when the surrounding communities have clear roads.

Our Police Department needs to stop violating its citizen’s rights when it comes to issuing Class A LTC’s. As it is right now, the City has a policy of only issuing Restricted Class A LTC’s, the law concerning the need for restrictions is supposed to be based on an individual applicant, not every applicant having a restriction automatically applied as department policy.    

In ending, I believe in a Commonsense, Constitutional Approach to every situation.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.